Saturday, January 10, 2009

A House Full Of Fun

We had a lot of visitors this Christmas, and they did not include Jacob Marley (or even Bob Marley). Unlike Scrooge we were happy to see our visitors.

Near the end of December my little brother Nathan and my sister in law Shannon came for a weekend. We had a good time showing them the town.

On December 14th my sister Morgan (or Martye as I call her) arrived for a multi week visit that has become part of Bonnie and my Christmas tradition.

Next came the P’s, Nate and B.J., they arrived the same evening that I got back from a business trip in Dubai. I am amazed at how much of San Diego we covered in just a weekend with them. We went to the coast, up in the mountains to see snow and to the San Diego Zoo (many people have told me I belong a zoo, now Bonnie and I are members,).

We did manage to fit on one decent sized party with 18-20 friends over, we had a great time.

The house seems kinda quiet now, but we are re-adjusting…….

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