Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fiddlers Friends

Many many years ago, Bonnie and I started going camping with a bunch of friends, (mostly musical types). The camping trip is still going on, and is celebrated every Easter weekend in the North Georgia mountains. Not sure when it happened, but the trip has been dubbed the Fiddlers Convention.

I must admit that through our travels it has been harder and harder for Bonnie and I to make it back for the event. Unfortunately this year does not look like we will make it either, as we are on the West Coast now.

My old buddy Art (Shand) has gone out of his way to remind me that I am part of the Fiddler's family, even though I will not be able to attend (again). He started by letting me know that several of the guys will be getting together in the studio to record a special version of our theme song. So that I can be part of it all, they are going to send me files which I can load up in my home recording studio, thus allowing me to add tracks to the recording and be a part of the recording even though I will not be there.

Art also sent me some photo's from one of my trips many years ago (1992 to be exact).

Here is one more of me, I must have been really tried after cutting firewood!