Saturday, August 25, 2007

California Dreamin'

Hard to believe but Bonnie and I have been living in San Diego for almost 9 months now. We are settling in, but it has taken us a while to get used to the West Coast. Bonnie finally broke down and got a California driver’s license (she wanted to make sure she was registered to vote); I have had mine for while. We both have California tags on our cars, and we have local bank accounts.

We just signed up for another lease (10 months) on our apartment. We figured we would wait to sell the boat and our loft in Atlanta prior to getting into another mortgage, especially given the price of houses here. When I came to interview last December, someone casually mentioned that “A million dollars really isn’t that much to spend on a home here” to which I replied, “What are you *&%$%* kidding? A million bucks????” Now it is clear that we will easily end up spending three times as much for a home here as we did in Atlanta.

Bonnie and I spent the day, today, with our new friends Chris and Beth (Chris works in my office). Chris gave me my first surfing lesson. We were at a beach just south of Cardiff. How totally California dude!! Let me tell you that surfing is not as easy as it looks. I got beat up pretty good and swallowed a LOT of sea water, but I had fun, and as soon as my sunburned nose recovers, I plan to go again.
“If everybody had an ocean, across the USA, then everybody’d be surfin, like Califonr -i-a . Catch a wave and your sitting on top of the world.”