Friday, April 27, 2007

Hunter 460

A friend sent me a link to a upcoming TV show called Fearless. The show is going to be about a couple who sail around the world in their 2000 year Hunter 460. What makes this interesting is that the 460 is the same boat that Bonnie, I and so many of our friends have enjoyed playing on all over the Caribbean.

Our boat is named the BlackSheep, and it too was manufactured in the year 2000. Unlike fearless, we did not outfit our boat for the open ocean. Instead we made sure that it had more important things for our kind of sailing, like a blender, a good place to store wine and speakers that can bring music to the bow (for late night dancing on the deck).

Alas, now that we are living in San Diego, we are no longer able to use the boat. If you know of anybody looking for an AMAZING DEAL on a wonderful sailboat, please let me know. You can see all the specifications here.

Meanwhile, here are a few more pictures just for fun....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Play Ball

Last night Bonnie and I, along with my little sister Martye, went to see our new home town team, (the San Diego Padres) play ball against the Diamondbacks. Unfortunately, after 12 innings our team lost the fight. But we had fun anyway.

It was a chilly evening for our first ever visit to Petco Park. We had dogs, drank beer at crackerjacks and in general did all the kinds of things that one is supposed to do at a ball game.

Martye did notice how much the team mascot, a monk named "The Friar" looked like the "Pizza, Pizza" guy from Little Ceasars.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Aint' It Grand

Well I can no longer say that I have never seen the Grand Canyon. Last weekend Bonnie and I, along with her parents (Barbara & Jerry) took a helicopter tour of the canyon. A bus picked us up at our hotel and took us to the airstrip, where we were checked in and weighed. I am pleased to note that they were discreet about everyone’s weight, but they did need it to calculate total capacity for the helicopter. I know do that none of us weigh 275 pounds, because if we did we would have had to pay for to tickets!

The fleet of Helicopters at Maverick Tours was nice, new, and very high tech. Most of the ‘bubble” was clear so we had amazing views as we traveled. First, we flew across Nevada, then circled around Hoover Damn and then finally landed in the canyon itself.

After we got back from Nevada, my sister Martye came to visit. Bonnie, my sister and Bonnie's folks went down to Mexico and had a fun day.