Thursday, December 21, 2006

George Gets a J-O-B

After about 14 years on the road, Bonnie and I have decided to settle down and get ‘real jobs’. My last day at the client here in Seattle is Friday December 22nd and then Bon and I will pack up the car and head down the West Coast to San Diego.

Once we get there, I have a new job that starts on January 2nd, and Bonnie has interviews lined up as well. My new job will be Marketing Operations Director for a small startup company with customers around the globe, so I will be traveling quite a bit.

We will be living in an apartment for about the first nine months while we learn our way around the city. The complex looks pretty nice, and we are looking forward to getting all our furniture etc from Atlanta shipped over. It has been quite a while since we have seen ‘our stuff’.

So we start the New Year with a new opportunity and high hopes for a prosperous future.

Here’s wishing you all a healthy and happy holiday and an amazing 2007!